Think about streaming videos, sharing photos, and surfing the web super-fast.
exede Internet offers a completely different experience from yesterday’s satellite Internet service.

exede internet is a breakthrough in satellite Internet technology. The new satellite, ViaSat-1, has the distinction of being listed in the Guinness World Records Title for the Highest Capacity Satellite in the world. The new residential satellite dish and brand new modem includes built-in web acceleration technology. All of it is optimized to bring you super-fast speed and high quality streaming. So you can share photos, stream videos, download large files and browse, chat and email faster than ever. Combined with the company’s innovative ground system, the new system has transformed the economics and quality of service offered by satellite Internet service.

exede internet redefines satellite internet and revolutionizes your online experience.
aexede brings you a super-fast internet connection with download speeds up to 12Mbps. That’s nearly 4 times faster than average U.S. DSL speeds*. With exede Internet super-fast connections, you can enjoy the best of the Internet without waiting or frustration. Plus, the exede Internet "Late Night Free Zone" offers downloads and uploads with no volume cap between 12 midnight – 5 a.m. every night (local to your time zone).

exede internet provides exceptional satellite Internet speed allows you to:
  • Watch streaming videos, TV and movies with fewer delays from buffering.
  • Share photos remarkably fast.
  • Better video chat with less jitter.
  • Send and receive files quickly.
  • Browse the web and your email faster than ever.

Professional Technical Services is your local Dealer with a national presence! We have our own team of installation professionals and also utilize a nationwide network of exede certified installation companies made up of local dealers. This means your installation is always performed by a technician in your area.

The exede internet service ranked top of the FCC rankings for delivering advertised speeds making exede internet competitive with terrestrial DSL, wireless, and cable broadband alternatives.

This chart shows the average peak period sustained download and upload speeds as a percentage of advertised as per the FCC report. A full copy of the report, issued by the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology and Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau is available at

Professional Technical Services has a defined Quality Assurance and Customer Relations post sale program.
This team is responsible for contacting all PTS customers to assure that they have a pleasant experience from order inception through the installation process. If issues are found through this process the QA/CR team reacts quickly to resolve them with the customer. Many companies claim to have high quality service but very few actually have a defined program in place to verify the customer is receiving the expected experience and ongoing relationship with the customer.

Whether you use the internet casually or extensively, exede Broadband can help you get things done faster. Take the first step toward an Internet experience that will exceed your expectations. Take advantage of these great exede Broadband plans by calling 855-280-2578 and let one of our broadband experts help you select the best plan for your needs.

*Comparison for exede12 areas only. Comparison is based on published speed of exede12 service and 3.1 Mbps average DSL service as reported by the FCC study of US broadband performance: Click here.